Are you ready to get a comprehensive web presence for just $99?

meet the programmer

My name is Sean Odell. I am a web developer, internet marketer, and one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. My vast experience with different web based platforms affords me with the ability to give you diverse options based on your specific needs. There is always more than one way to build a web presence. The trick is building the one that works best for you and your personal business objectives. That is where I shine.

The $99 website package that I offer has to be one of the best values for your business. With this package you will get an internet portal that leads customers directly to your "real world" register. In today's American economy, businesses need someone working for them that has their back. I am an American business working to help American businesses just like yours. Nobody will have your back better than I will.  Contact me and lets talk about your business today! Consultations are no charge! Or, just click any of the "Buy Package!" buttons.  We will start working together right away to build a great looking website for your business.

Wondering if I can handle your large projects?  The answer is YES!

The bottom line is that larger projects need more hands on the keyboard. I have access to additional team members for these types of jobs. You can converse directly with me, and my team members, in your private project management system 24 hours a day.  The line of communication is always open! Strong communication is the key to success.