business presence package

All for just $99 plus domain name! WOW!!

Why am I offering a custom package like this for just $99?

I want to work for you. This package is my way of showing that I have your best interest in mind. Don't wait. Hire me today! Lets get your business off to a great start on the web.  There are a huge number of businesses that need a highly visible and modern web presence. They don't need a complex web presence. At least, not at this time. This package provides everything a business needs at a tremendous value!

This package also leaves room to grow. In the future, if you decide to launch a web store, this package is easily expandable. There are no limits. I am here to make sure that all opportunities are available to you.  If you have questions please feel free to contact me by CLICKING HERE.

what does this package include?  check it out!


There are many different devices that are searching the internet for the products and services that you sell.  You will look great  to  all of these potential customers! 


We use Bootstrap for the Business Presence Package!  This means that Google and other search engines love you.   We all want search engines to love us!


We will help you create a business presence that  is customized to meet your specific needs.  It is what we do and we really love it!

24 hour support

In your client area you will have access to support tickets 24 hours a day.  We are here to assist you in any area you need help.

easy upgrades if needed

The $99 website is a complete businesses presence once completed. There may come a time when you need to upgrade or add features to your site. That is as easy as submitting a ticket and we will  tell you exactly how long it will take.   

measured website traffic

You will recieve an email once a week that lets you know exactly how many times you site was viewed for that week.  You will know how many page loads as well as the number of unique visitors. 

verified Google Listing

You will get a complete  business listing in Google.  We  do all the work for you setting this up. It will link directly to your new website. Your business will be verified by Google and you listing will be active!

Youtube Video

Simply provide us with a link to the  Youtube video you want to include on your site and we will add it? You can add up to 10 videos. We can create videos for you at an extra charge.

add social media

If you are using social media like facebook or twitter to promote your business links to those accounts can easily be added to your new webiste.


I care a great deal about my clients and will go above and beyond in order to provide the best service possible. You will not find someone more committed to quality and customer care when it comes to web development. My services do not stop there either. I can create advertising, facebook pages, business cards, etc. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

getting started is just a click away!